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Quinte Chapter protests disposable water bottles and promotes ‘Plastic-Free July’

Reportback by the Quinte Council of Canadians Chapter:

A few Quinte Chapter members headed out to Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival held at Zwick’s Park on Saturday, July 9thThis annual family event has everything from rides and costumed characters for the kiddies to great music and a beer tent for the adults. We went to protest the use of single use disposable plastic water bottles and help promote a ‘Plastic Free July’.

As soon as we walked into the park we came upon a booth handing out free bottles of water (nice of them; as it was hot), but certainly contrary to our mission. We saw disposable plastic water bottles everywhere and; of course, all of the food vendors sold them. Undaunted, we handed out our ‘Plastic Free July’ brochures, expounding the virtue of using refillable containers and were happy to see a few souls environmentally aware, carrying their refillable bottles. However, we soon realized we had an up-hill battle when we couldn’t find anywhere in the park to refill a water bottle! No drinking fountains, water taps or anywhere you could get a drink of water or refill your reusable water bottle!

There were no recycle bins in sight so, of course, all these hundreds of plastic bottles ended up in the garbage – which will probably end up in landfill sites… forever! This park and all parks should have a place to get potable water! When holding a big event such as this, it should be mandatory to supply water hydration/filling stations.  There are many companies who will supply water tanks, tankers and other solutions for these events.

For us, it was a successful few hours as we realized the great need to supply water at events like this and… get off the bottle!  We spoke to many people about our planet’s huge plastic problem. And, hopefully, with each individual doing their little bit (even if only for a month, to realize just how much plastic we use), it’s a step in the right direction. Happy to say, we were surprised by how many people already realized the problem and were very supportive. The big question is… will they do something about it???