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South Niagara chapter meets with MP on public health care

Fiona McMurran meets with MP Malcolm Allen

Fiona McMurran meets with MP Malcolm Allen.

The Council of Canadians South Niagara chapter met with Niagara Centre NDP MP Malcolm Allen yesterday to discuss public health care.

Chapter activist Fiona McMurran remarked after the meeting, “I’m proud to say that my MP Malcolm Allen supports our Medicare system and wants to strengthen it, for the good of Canadians from coast to coast.”

The meeting was part of the Canadian Health Coalition’s National Spring Constituency Lobby for Public Health Care. Other Council of Canadians chapters participating in this week of lobbying include Northwest Territories, Charlottetown, Saint John, Sudbury, London, Kamloops, Prince Albert, Vancouver, Comox Valley and likely St. John’s and Kelowna. Council of Canadians health care campaigner Michael Butler met with Liberal MP Judy Sgro in Toronto on Wednesday.

The chapters have been asking MPs and candidates if they will:

  • Implement a first-dollar coverage, universal, public pharmacare program with the provinces and territories

  • Enforce the standards in the Canada Health Act, including the ban on extra-billing and user fees, and enforcement of reporting requirements

  • Commit to a continuing care strategy that integrates home, facility-based long-term, respite & palliative care

Our analysis, as noted in our soon-to-be released voter’s guide, is that, “The NDP has been a strong advocate that our health care must be a shared federal and provincial responsibility; this includes renegotiating the health accord before $36 billion is cut. With a plan for seniors care and clear language around supporting single-tiered health care, the NDP is the strongest voice fighting for medicare.”

The lobbying week is part of an overall effort to make health care a major issue in the October 19th federal election.

For more on our campaign to defend and expand public health care, please click here.