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South Shore chapter at Peace and Friendship Alliance meeting

The Council of Canadians South Shore chapter was at a Peace and Friendship Alliance meeting in Nova Scotia this past weekend.

Council of Canadians organizers Angela Giles and Robin Tress were there too, as well as New Brunswick-Energy East campaigner Mark D’Arcy.

The Peace and Friendship Alliance, which was formed in February 2015, is an alliance of Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Acadian, Anglophone, and Newcomers in New Brunswick. Their mission is to stand in unity to protect all that sustains life, most notably water. Chapter activists and staff have been deeply involved in all of the Alliance meetings.

Halifax-based Council of Canadians organizer Robin Tress says, “While the Alliance was founded in New Brunswick, people in Nova Scotia are now developing their own commitment to the principles of Peace and Friendship.”

Chapter activist Marion Moore tells us, “South Shore chapter members are pleased to be part of this important initiative and came away from the meeting recognizing the need to build trust and relationships in order to take on the work we need to do to protect our water. We are also committed to working to deepen our understanding of what it means when we say ‘we are all treaty people’.”

Another meeting in Nova Scotia will take place in the coming weeks.

The next Peace and Friendship Alliance meeting in New Brunswick will be on March 18 in Fredericton.