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St. John’s chapter inspired by Occupy movement to meet monthly for conversation

The Council of Canadians St. John’s chapter, recognizing the importance of “relaxed conversation”, has committed to meet on a monthly basis to talk.

Chapter activist Marilyn Reid writes, “This month marks the fifth anniversary of my personal introduction to Occupy Newfoundland, the local manifestation of the global Occupy movement that arose from Occupy Wall Street in the fall of 2011 — and I’ve been giving some thought to the lessons and values I learned from that unique experience.”

Reid adds, “The Occupy movement is remembered primarily for two things: its naming of the villains who constantly thwart humanity’s desire to build a better world — the Wall Street investment bankers, the mega-corporations and the elite one percent of the population that continues to take an ever bigger share of wealth and income — and the Occupy encampments, populated by thousands of activists who interacted with each other in a very special way. Above all else, Occupiers valued listening, and in our province they demonstrated this in a variety of ways.”

She notes that include documentary screenings and guest speakers, tent meetings at Harbourside Park, and Sunday night meetings with a large circle of chairs. She then highlights that as social media use has increased, the less people come together in this powerful and meaningful way.

Reid then concludes that the St. John’s chapter recently committed to meeting on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for an hour in the morning before work at a local coffee shop. She writes, “Meetings will not be driven by an agenda of things to do, but rather by an acknowledgement of Occupy wisdom: Making time for real and relaxed conversations is an important part of vibrant activism.”

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