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Student debt vs. Big Oil: Canadian youth organize phone mob

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC) launched an action today encouraging people across the country to call Harper’s office to demand an end to the $1.4 billion (yearly) given to Big Oil in subsidies. Accessible education is being highlighted as a far more worthy use of this money.  

The Council of Canadians is a proud, new organizational member of the CYCC.

You can watch the pointed CYCC ‘student debt vs. Big Oil’ video here.

Here is a clip from their action alert: Did you know that each and every year, the Canadian federal government gives away over $1.4 billion in subsidies to oil companies like Suncor and Shell?  That is $1.4 billion a year that is not going towards creating good, green jobs, it is another dollar taken out of public services like health care and education, and another dollar that isn’t going into making post-secondary education affordable.  In fact, $1.4 billion could pay off two-thirds of all students loans taken out last year.

Take a few minutes and join the phone mob: Harper’s office – CALL (613) 992-4211 or call 1.866.599.4999 and ask to be transfered to the PMO. When you are done, post the response on this phone mob to end subsidies facebook page.

There are additional talking points avaiable on our action alert. While you at the phone, why not call your MP and talk to them about it as well?