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SWN trucks resume fracking testing this morning

It’s sad to see the SWN Resources seismic-testing trucks back out on the highway this morning in New Brunswick.

Seismic-testing trucks

Last Friday, a New Brunswick judge granted the Texas-based company the injunction it requested, that means those defending the land and water against fracking are supposed to stay 250 metres away from the front and back of the trucks and 20 metres back from the side of the highway where their operations are taking place.

Yesterday morning, three people were arrested for breaching that court order, they had set up in a parking lot near a compound for SWN thumper-trucks in Moncton. CTV reports, “RCMP allege the protesters were within 20 metres of equipment owned by SWN Resources…” They are due in court this morning.

Now those trucks are on the road creating a new situation with the court order.

Our friend and local activist Ann Pohl writes, “A few of us have put long hours into trying to get clarification from the RCMP on where exactly people can protest without risking arrest and there seems to be confusion about this. Well if the police don’t know how can I or anyone else?”

CTV notes, “The injunction is in place until midnight on Dec. 2, when the company says it will complete shale gas testing in New Brunswick.”

This fight is far from over.

Thank you Raven Chantelle for the photo.