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Taters not craters

Kids clothing to raise funds to Stop the Quarry




About 400 people came to last night’s public information session about the proposed mega quarry in Melancthon township. The Highland Company wants to dig out a few billion dollars worth of limestone- a hole of more than 2300 acres digging down 200 feet below the water table. The law, such as it is, requires them to tell the community how they plan to do this.

Most people took a tour through the company’s displays. I didn’t hear of anyone that was satisfied with what they heard. The centerpiece was an enormous model of the area-about 12 foot per side- which allowed them to depict the quarry as being the size of a couple of dinner plates and about as deep. The scale of the project cannot be hidden so easily though.  There was private security at the door and some of the OPP’s “community liaison officers”- perhaps they were worried about the two school buses of Unitarian Church folks from Toronto and Guelph that came out.


The community is united and determined. I am confident that they can stop the mega-quarry and that in doing so, they will help the dozens of other communities fighting the quarries, dumps and mines that threaten their water across Ontario.


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You can help-

Support our allies: We have been working with the North Dufferin Agricultural & Community Taskforce (NDACT) and the Citizen’s Alliance for a Sustainable Environment (CAUSE)  and we ask you to consider supporting them as well.  Please visit their websites: and

Write a letter of objection:

Go to the NDACT website for instructions on how to write your letter of objection.


Letters must be received by both the MNR and Highlands by April 26, 2011.  Easter weekend is on April 22- 25  so please put your letter in the mail by April 18, 2011


April 18, 2011, you can drop your letters off at the Township of Melancthon office (8:30 – 4:30) 157101 Highway # 10, Melancthon, ON in sealed envelopes addressed to BOTH Highlands and  the Ministry of Natural Resources. NDACT will arrange for pickup and delivery on or before April 26.

Join the Facebook group : STOP THE QUARRY!/group.php?gid=98096578979