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Temacapulín, Jalisco in a key moment of the struggle

Temacapulín (Temaca) in Mexico has won numerous verdicts that dictate the building of the Zapotillo dam wall should not pass the 80 m limit. However, construction continues and the estimate is that the wall is already this height. The builders want to continue to a 105 m wall that would flood Temaca. The State government had committed to save Temaca but has now backed from the promise arguing that Jalisco needs the share of water that a higher wall would give.

Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow sent a solidarity letter (in Spanish) to the community that she personally knows since the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal celebrated in 2012 where she participated as a judge was celebrated in Temaca.

Please watch and share an English subtitled video about the recent events to build international awareness of this struggle.

Read Maude’s blog about Temaca. For my blog regarding the Governor’s commitment not to flood Temaca: WIN! ‘We won’t flood Temacapulin’ says new governor.