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Ten positive alternatives The Council of Canadians promotes

While The Council of Canadians campaigns to stop destructive tar sands pipelines, opposes the privatization of health care, tries to derail so-called ‘free trade’ deals, and works to end projects that pollute lakes, rivers and oceans – we do more than try to stop things.

We advocate for:

1– Fair trade that promotes the creation of permanent, well-paying jobs, the right of governments to regulate in the public interest, respects environmental protection, and where the judiciary arbitrates on trade related disputes.

2– The human right to water and sanitation, including the public ownership of water utilities and full protection of all water sources.

3– Public ownership of energy resources, energy democracy, energy efficiency and public transit, just transition strategies for workers in the fossil fuel economy, and a 100 per cent renewable energy future by 2050.

4– Respect for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, notably the right to free, prior and informed consent and inherent rights and title.

5– A fully public health care system, that promotes well-being and includes a universal and public drug coverage program.

6– A functioning democracy with proportional representation and extensive public participation in between elections.

7– A democratic economy that meets the needs of the environment and workers, including a universal basic annual income and full protection for all workers.

8– Global relations based on peace, social solidarity, equality and the free movement of people.

9– Air, water and other shared resources necessary for life to be accessible to all members of society and held in common as a public trust.

10– Justice, equal rights, accessibility and inclusion for all.

For a fuller articulation of our world view, please see our Vision Statement here.