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TransCanada Misleading on Energy East

 Environmental Defence and Greenpeace have released a new report which shows that TransCanada has been “vastly exaggerating Energy East’s ability to reduce overseas oil imports” in a “desperate attempt to justify its Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal.”

TransCanada has claimed that Eastern Canadian refineries import 86% of their crude oil from sources such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Algeria.  The refineries served by Energy East actually receive only 14.1% of their supply from those sources. Among foreign sources, the United States is the biggest supplier. Energy East would not supply Eastern Canadian refineries with tar sands oil, but would export up to 1 million barrels of unrefined oil every day.

As the report says, “Energy East would export jobs but not the danger associated with transporting huge quantities of dirty oil.”

The full report is available here.

The Council of Canadians strongly opposes the Energy East pipeline. Maude Barlow is currently on a 5-city speaking tour in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in opposition to the pipeline. For more information on this tour, please click here.