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TransCanada sees risk if pipelines not built now

The Toronto Star reports, “If Canada fails to develop its oil sands now– and fails to build the pipelines to move it to market – the opportunity could vanish for decades, two industry executives (Cenovus chief executive Brian Ferguson and TransCanada chief executive Russ Girling) warned (in speeches to the Canadian Club in Toronto on) Wednesday.”

“The speeches didn’t silence critics. The Council of Canadians issued a statement even before Girling and Ferguson spoke, condemning oilsands development as ‘our fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions’. Expanding production ‘means shipping dangerous diluted bitumen thousands of kilometres, risking the water supplies of communities along the route’, said the council’s Andrea Harden-Donahue.”

“TransCanada is waiting for approval in the U.S. of its Keystone XL pipeline – the final leg of a connection to carry Alberta oilsands crude to Gulf of Mexico refineries. It is also promoting its Energy East project, which would convert existing gas pipeline to carry Alberta oil to east coast refineries.”

“Girling declined to comment on a new poll that shows rising opposition to the oil sands, saying he hadn’t yet seen it. Bloomberg reports that a Nanos Research Group poll shows Keystone XL pipeline is losing popular support in Canada. Canadian support for the $5.4 billion project has declined to 52 per cent in December from 68 per cent in April, while opposition has increased to 40 per cent from 28 per cent.”

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