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UPDATE: Barlow and Solon speak in Montreal on climate justice, April 15-17

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow will be speaking at the ‘Cochabamba + 1: Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives Conference’, which takes place in Montreal from April 15-17. This is, “A conference that will address themes such as ecological crises and citizen alternatives, strategies towards sustainable environment and industrial conversion, fossil fuel conflicts, science and climate justice, ecosocialism, citizen mobilization to combat shale gaz/ the tar sands, ecological debt and solidarity, the multiplicity and convergence of networks.”

Speakers include Pablo Solon (Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations), Jacques Letourneau, Vinod Raina (Leader of the People’s Science Movement in India), Judy Rebick (Ryerson University professor), Louise Vandelac (University of Quebec in Montreal professor), as well as Amir Khadir, Avi Lewis, Clayton Muller Thomas, Éric Darier, Judith Marshall, Louise Casselman, Naomi Klein, Pat Mooney, Paul Moist, Sam Gindin, and Tony Clarke.

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