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UPDATE: Broderick’s GM salmon concerns reflected in editorial cartoon

Council of Canadians vice-chairperson Leo Broderick recently concluded a 4-city speaking tour against the pending approval of genetically modified fish. He was in Charlottetown (Oct. 24), Fredericton (Oct. 25), Halifax (Oct. 26), and St. John’s (Oct. 27).

During the tour, Broderick was noted in numerous news articles. The CBC quoted Broderick saying, “We can start right here on Prince Edward Island, by demanding that our government have more scrutiny over the drug factory on Bay Fortune. That’s what’s it’s going to be labeled as, because we will indeed become known around the world as the home of the Frankenfish.”

That comment was then reflected in an editorial cartoon in the Journal-Pioneer newspaper, based in Summerside, PEI. It is a true measure of success when our shared concerns and messages get picked up in this way. Congratulations Leo!

The tour took place because the White House has confirmed that the US Food and Drug Administration has finished an environmental assessment of the genetically modified fast-growing Atlantic salmon called AquaAdvantage. The assessment is expected to be released to the US public soon for a 30-day comment period. If the FDA approves the GM Atlantic salmon for human consumption, it will do so based on the company’s specific plan to produce the GM fish eggs in PEI.

Environment Canada has remained silent on the risks and any review they might be conducting. Internal records obtained by Postmedia News say that Environment Canada isn’t sure it can fully protect wild fish stocks if it approves the commercialization of the hatchery for genetically engineered salmon eggs.

For campaign blogs related to this issue, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=aquabounty.