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UPDATE: Building opposition to CETA in Strasbourg, France

BRUSSELS, 1 pm (7 am ET) – This morning we are on a 5-hour train trip from Brussels, Belgium to Strasbourg, France where the European Parliament is sitting in full session now.

Our intent is to set up as many meetings as possible with Members of the European Parliament to share with them our critique of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

It is also to get the Council of Canadians-CUPE report on CETA and water privatization and the Council of Canadians-Indigenous Environmental Network-Friends of the Earth Europe sponsored legal opinion on CETA and the  tar sands to them.

It is hoped that this intervention will help encourage critical questions in the European Parliament and build needed political opposition to the talks in Europe.

The web-link for the CETA and water report is http://canadians.org/trade/documents/CETA/water-report-1210.pdf. The CETA and tar sands opinion is http://canadians.org/trade/documents/CETA/legal-opinion-CETA-tarsands.pdf.