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UPDATE: Climate justice march in Mexico City

The Council of Canadians joined a climate justice march this afternoon in Mexico City. The protest was organized by La Via Campesina and other groups. More than 4,500 people took part in the 7-kilometre march.

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow, climate campaigner Andrea Harden-Donahue, water campaigner Emma Lui, Board member Leticia Adair and I walked in this assembly of people demanding climate justice.

The march concluded near the historic Zocalo square with speeches. (We couldn’t enter the square because it was blocked by an outdoor ice rink that is being constructed in this usually warm country.) During the speeches the groups participating in the march were recognized from the stage, including the Council of Canadians.

The police presence was minimal, despite earlier concerns that it might be heavy-handed.

We had been advised earlier by the protest organizers not to carry our Council of Canadians banner because the march would likely be strictly monitored by the police (and it did appear at one point that we were being filmed by the police).

This is a concern because Section 33 of the Mexican constitution has been interpreted as stating that it is illegal for a foreigner to criticize the Mexican government. The penalty has included deportation and a 10-year ban on returning to this country.

But given the small police presence we carried our banner in the march.

Tomorrow we depart for Cancun and join our colleague Anil Naidoo who has been there organizing and participating in water justice panels.