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UPDATE: Council of Canadians marches in support of Occupy Toronto

The Council of Canadians marched today in support of Occupy Toronto. Ontario-Quebec organizer Mark Calzavara reports that the Peel Region, York University, London, Peterborough and Toronto chapters were there, plus dozens of members.

The Toronto Star reports this hour, “An estimated 2,000 Occupy Toronto protesters and their supporters descended on Toronto City Hall Saturday afternoon to lash out at a mayor they say is part of the one per cent.” CBC adds, “The march is being held to tell Mayor Rob Ford that Occupy protesters will not leave their encampment at St. James Park. …At one point, the march split into two, with half the protesters walking up Yonge Street and the other half up Sherbourne Street.”

Global News notes, “Using the hashtag, #evictford, protesters voiced their opinions not just on the street – but on the internet.”

The CBC article adds, “The fate of the protesters’ encampment is in the hands of a judge who will rule on Monday whether or not this form of protest is part of their constitutional right to freedom of expression. Justice David Brown will announce his ruling at 9 a.m. ET Monday.”