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UPDATE: Council in solidarity with Mexicanos Unidos por la regularizacion

This afternoon, Montreal-based Mexicanos Unidos por la regularizacion (MUR) marched in Ottawa, including to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration on Laurier Avenue. Council of Canadians water campaigner Meera Karunananthan, executive assistant Jeannette Muhongayire and I joined this protest in solidarity with them.

They say, “The Canadian government calls us ‘false refugees’ and says that we abuse the generosity of Canada. This statement and sentiment it represents is dishonest and hypocritical. This is not a question of generosity, but one of responsibility on the part of the Canadian government to accommodate Mexican refugees, given Canadian policies vis a vis Mexico directly implicate Canada in the profusion of misery, criminality, and violence; of forced displacements; of social disintegration that Mexico faces today.”

For more information, please see www.mexregularizacion.org.