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UPDATE: Harper government seeks to dismiss right to housing case

Our friend Cathy Crowe (who spoke at the Council of Canadians annual general meeting in Toronto in 2000) has brought to our attention a Right to Housing legal challenge that has been launched to secure the goal of recognizing a legally enforceable right to housing under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canada recognizes the international legal right to adequate housing and is a signatory to a United Nations covenant that requires “appropriate action to ensure the realization of this right”. And a media release from the Toronto-based Wellesley Institute notes, “Increasingly, Canadian tribunals and courts have been recognizing that Canada’s international legal obligations are binding in domestic law…” But federal government lawyers are seeking to have the action dismissed even before the legal arguments are heard.

The challenge is scheduled to be heard in court May 27-28, but before legal arguments can be made the court will have to deal with the federal government bid to dismiss the case.

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