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UPDATE: Maryam Adrangi part of ‘Reclaim Power’ inside action

We are so proud of our Council of Canadians colleague Maryam Adrangi, who is also here in Copenhagen.

She wrote in her blog, “We just began our sixth hour here in the Bella Centre, sitting-in until world leaders achieve a fair, ambituous, and binding treaty. The past few hours have been incredibly positive as party members, NGO members, and UN observers have come by to meet us and ensure our wellbeing by offering us food, water, and blankets. Members of party delegations have walked by giving us a thumbs up, and several climate A-listers have walked by to shake our hands and congratulate us on our bravery.”

To read Maryam’s full blog, ‘Seventh Hour Of Peaceful Sit-In At The UN Conference Centre’, please go to http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/2009/12/16/live-blog-seventh-hour-of-peaceful-sit-in-at-the-un-conference-centre/.

In the attached picture, you will see Maryam standing to your right of Maude Barlow. The picture was taken just after the tar sands protest in front of the Canadian embassy.