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UPDATE: Naomi Klein comments on the Skouries mine in Greece

EnetEnglish reports that Naomi Klein, author of ‘The Shock Doctrine’, says the systemic use of shock and fear by the power elites to undermine vulnerable communities is very much evident in post-bailout Greece.

Klein says, “What I’ve been following recently is the sell-off of natural resources for mining and drilling. …Austerity and debt (are being used) to force countries to sell off their mining and drilling rights for fire sale prices. …I am working on a book and a film on climate change, that’s why I’ve been following the extractive side of the shock doctrine in Greece, which has gotten a lot less attention. …In the case of the (Skouries) goldmine, there is an immediate threat to safety, to livelihood, and to economy, and so people are extremely vocal about that.”

We’ve also been told that Klein is in the Halkidiki peninsula (where the Skouries project is located) now and has started a documentary.

The Council of Canadians and the Blue Planet Project have allied with activists in Greece to oppose mines being developed by Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold. We have also been working in solidarity with Greek allies against the privatization of EYDAP and EYATH, the public water utilities in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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