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URGENT ACTION: Support A5X at the Palais de Justice, Monday at 8:45 am in Hull

If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, please meet us on the steps of the Palais de Justice on 17 rue Laurier in Hull on Monday February 27 at 8:45 am to show your opposition to a Ministry of Transportation Quebec injunction request to stop the protest against the Highway 5 expansion.

The group A5X and Occupy Gatineau Park has had an ongoing presence in the woods that will be clear cut if the highway expansion is allowed to proceed. They are seeking to defend the forest, a 300-year-old white pine tree, as well as the local aquifer and wells that are endangered by this construction project. The cutting has been stopped for now and if it can be delayed until March 31 it will be put on hold for six months due to a Quebec law that protects nesting birds.

At 9 am in salle 1 at the Palais de Justice the group will argue its case that the cutting should not be permitted.

The Council of Canadians will join A5X and others at the Palais de Justice, which is located midway between the Alexandra Bridge and Portage Bridge on rue Laurier just across from the Canadian Museum of Civilization staff parking area. Please join us if you can.

For Council of Canadians campaign blogs highlighting the efforts to protect the woods and water in this area, please go to http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22wakefield%22+%2B+%22highway%22.