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VIDEO: Maryam Adrangi on the G20 a year later

Council of Canadians Ontario-Quebec organizing assistant Maryam Adrangi comments on CBC.ca on organizing, hope and the G20 a year after the Toronto summit.

Maryam says, “I want to continue organizing, I want to continue fighting for the things that are important, and not just being fixated on this one weekend that happened. …Part of this entire fear mongering and security apparatus was to debilitate communities and to prevent them from continuing to organize on the things they want to be doing. …I think there’s still a lot of hope in the community… And while there were so many feelings, so many stories out there, people were feeling angry, people were upset. There is still a lot of hope.”

To see a 1:35 clip of Maryam speaking, please go to http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/Canada/1239665812/ID=2027642959.