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VIDEO: Steven Shrybman comments on Schedule 28

CUPE Ontario states, “The finance committee is voting on amendments to the 2012 Ontario budget right now. One section in particular, Schedule 28, is a dangerous piece of legislation that will allow the government to privatize almost any crown corporation or government service, all without a vote in the legislature. There are amendments before the committee, including one that would remove Schedule 28 from the budget bill altogether.”

To watch a 24-minute video of CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn and public interest lawyer Steven Shrybman speaking on Schedule 28, please go to http://cupe.on.ca/doc.php?sid=329 and scroll down to the bottom of that web-page.

To read Shrybman’s 8-page legal analysis on Schedule 28, click on the hyper-link at the top of http://cupe.on.ca/schedule28.

Take Action!
This morning, Hahn has encouraged those concerned about Schedule 28 to go to http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Withdraw_Schedule_28/?fFgIdab&pv=0 to sign the petition “calling for Schedule 28 in the Budget Bill (Bill 55) to be withdrawn”.

Please also go to http://budget.messageyourmpp.ca/ and tell your MPP that you want Schedule 28 removed from the budget bill.

The Council of Canadians joins CUPE Ontario is opposing Schedule 28.