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VIDEO: Women protest Canadian mining company’s forest cutting in Greece

Our friend Γεώργιος Αρχοντόπουλος, has shared with us an 11-minute video of a protest against the destruction being caused by Vancouver-based mining company Eldorado Gold at their new mine site in Greece. The web-page with the video says (in Greek), “On the morning of October 12, fifty women went to see with their own eyes what progress has been destroying the mountain by Hell Gold/ Eldorado Gold. If the images you see hurt you, consider that 3,300 acres of primeval forest will be cut to make surface mining, plant, roads and refuse dump toxic waste.” In the video, the women say, “We are jobless, but we don’t work for Greek Gold (Eldorado’s partner)” and “Our husbands are woodcutter, but they stay home”. To see this video, please go to For campaign blogs on this situation, see, and