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VIEW: Canadians have a right to be nervous about security perimeter, says Calgary Herald

The Calgary Herald editorial board writes that, “The prospect of Canada ceding sovereignty to the U.S. in a secretly negotiated border security arrangement has understandably raised the hackles of the Opposition and the Council of Canadians.”

“A draft proposal of a deal leaked last week talks of a perimeter security arrangement. It is thin on specifics. Canadians have a right to be nervous.”

“It is not clear how imminent Canada and the U.S. are to signing a deal to mesh Canadian and U.S. security bureaucracies. The Harper government has refused to comment. A draft of the leaked proposal calls for a working group ‘to report to their respective leaders within 120 days of the signing of this declaration (thought to be scheduled for January) with a joint plan of action to realize the goals of this declaration’.”

“What’s troubling is that a deal could be hammered out behind closed doors and sprung on Canadians without debate.”

“Most Canadians have no issue with integrated cargo security, closer co-operation with U.S. law enforcement agencies on serious offenders, or a joint approach to screening passengers to promote mobility between the two countries, but serious questions remain. Any measures that would bind Canada more tightly to the U.S. and dramatically alter our relationship must be done cautiously, and openly.”

The editorial is at http://www.calgaryherald.com/mobile/story.html?id=3972746&cid=megadrop_story.