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VIEW: ‘The life of this Parliament will be prolonged by six months’, says MacDonald

L. Ian MacDonald writes in the National Post that, “(NDP leader Jack) Layton has announced that the NDP will vote with the government on non-confidence motions and opposition days this fall until the EI reforms are adopted. That could take months, until the Christmas recess, meaning the government’s next moment of truth will be the budget. That would normally be in late February, but it will be delayed until March, following the Vancouver Winter Games. While it’s difficult to envisage circumstances under which the NDP would support a Tory budget, you never know. The NDP obtained a top-up to the Martin government’s 2005 budget. In any event, barring an accident of history, it appears the life of this Parliament will be prolonged by six months.”

His full column – which is an interesting read – is at