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WATCH: OpenMedia video explains how a supposed cyberbullying law helps the government track you online

“The government is about to ram through a new law that will provide immunity to telecom companies that hand over our sensitive information to authorities even when they don’t have a warrant,” writes in an important action alert on Bill C-13. 

The bill, introduced late last year by the Conservatives, reintroduces “lawful access” (e.g. warrantless online snooping) under the guise of protecting against cyberbullying. The OpenMedia community explains the issue very clearly in this video, which has gone viral in a big way, attracting 160,000 on Facebook already.

A broad-based coalition of citizens, experts, organizations, and businesses, including The Council of Canadians, has come together to defend our right to privacy against assaults like C-13, based on a common statement of principle. More than 32,000 people have declared:

More than ever, Canadians need strong, genuinely transparent, and properly enforced safeguards to secure privacy rights. We call on Government to put in place effective legal measures to protect the privacy of every resident of Canada against intrusion by government entities.

You too can sign the statement here:

As the action alert says, the government has been caught engaging in secretive, expensive, and out of control spying on our private lives:

SECRETIVE: The government has been caught tracking law-abiding Canadians and collecting our sensitive private data.

EXPENSIVE: The government is about to spend $4-billion of our tax dollars to house new spying operations.

OUT OF CONTROL: In recent years there have been over 3,000 breaches of sensitive citizen data, affecting approximately 725,000 of us.

Click here to join the privacy protection coalition today.