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WIN! City of Prince Albert supports right to water & public water

Chapter activists Nancy Carswell and Rick Sawa

The Council of Canadians Prince Albert chapter has won their city council’s support for the human right to water and publicly financed, owned and operated water and wastewater services.

Last month, PANow reported, “Prince Albert came close to declaring itself a ‘blue’ community, but couldn’t agree on one major sticking point. Nancy Carswell, with the P.A. chapter of the Council of Canadians, challenged city council [on March 13] to take three actions to protect water: recognize water as a human right, promote publically owned and financed water, and ban the sale of bottled water at city run events. Although council supported two of the actions, there was hesitation surrounding banning water bottles.”

The article then highlights, “Council later supported a motion put forward by Coun. Terra Lennox-Zepp to officially recognize water as a human right and support publically owned water and wastewater services.”

Carswell and fellow chapter activist Rick Sawa note, “The motion passed at the executive level and then it passed unanimously at the full council meeting March 27.”

Carswell and Sawa say, “With two out of three passed, we can really focus on banning bottled water now.”

Demonstrating admirable persistence, the chapter first began campaigning for Prince Albert to become a blue community in March 2013.

To read an interview with Carswell and Sawa by Council of Canadians organizer Diane Connors about their experiences with this campaign, please click here.