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Windsor-Essex chapter marches against Monsanto

Windsor-Essex march

The Windsor-Essex chapter was at their local March Against Monsanto gathering today. Photo by Randy Emerson.

The Council of Canadians Windsor-Essex chapter participated a global March Against Monsanto day of action today.

The Windsor Star reports, “A Windsor group is joining forces with demonstrators around the world marching against genetic modifications to food. On Saturday, about two dozen people met in downtown Windsor to demonstrate against Monsanto, a biotechnology company that produces genetically modified food and crop protection chemicals. …After meeting at the corner of Riverside Drive and Oullette Avenue, the march moved to City Hall Square where several guest speakers addressed the crowd. They included: Claire Ferris from the Blue Dot Movement, Cheryl Hardcastle, the NDP MP candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh and Randy Emerson, from the Canadian Council of Canadians.”

The article explains, “Genetically modification is a scientific process where genes from one species are inserted into another. …In Canada, it isn’t mandatory for food packaging list whether any of the food inside contains genetic modifications.” Lisa Doig, a co-founder of GMO Free Windsor-Essex, says, “Genetically modified seed everywhere and Essex County is full of GMOs.”

Six hundred March Against Monsanto protests took place in 48 countries today. In Canada, there were protests in Toronto, Kelowna, Sarnia, Strathcona County and many other communities. In Ontario, some of the protests focused on a bee-killing insecticide while in British Columbia there was a focus on a recently approved genetically modified apple.

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