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Winnipeg and St. John’s chapters in media reports on electoral reform

The Council of Canadians Winnipeg and St. John’s chapters were in the media yesterday on electoral reform.

Organizer Mary Robinson says going back on the electoral reform promise was one step too far. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

CBC reports, “A group of about 30 protesters gathered in Winnipeg outside the Liberal Party offices on Broadway Saturday, chanting ‘What do we want? Electoral reform. When do want it? Yesterday.'”

The article highlights, “‘This was one step too far. This was a promise we all depended on’, said organizer Mary Robinson, who is a member of the Winnipeg chapter of the Council of Canadians. ‘It’s one of the most important things because it will change everything else. If we can finally have our voices heard by being represented, that changes how things happen. I really thought this one issue and this one prime minister on this one issue would be different’, Robinson said.”

Marilyn Reid, member of Democracy Alert and the St. John’s chapter of Council of Canadians. (Louis Power/The Telegram)

The St. John’s Telegram reports, “Cross with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for breaking his promise of electoral reform, voters in 17 cities across Canada demonstrated their discontent Saturday, proclaiming it Canada’s National Day of Action for Electoral Reform. In St. John’s, about 50 people gathered at Mile Zero in front of city hall for a rally.”

The article then quotes what speakers had to say, including Marilyn Reid who is a “member of Democracy Alert and the St. John’s chapter of Council of Canadians”.

Reid said, “I would really recommend that everybody call their MP and tell them how strongly they feel about that. My group Democracy Alert has done something else that you may find helpful: we’ve collected the email addresses of all the MPs and all the senators in the country and if you contact us at democracyalert.nl@gmail.com we’d be happy to give you those addresses. I think that just a two-line, pithy statement to all of the MPs telling them how we feel about this might be a good place to start, because I think it’s really important that we go on from today and do more.”

The Nelson, Victoria, Sudbury, Northumberland, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, and Saint John chapters also took part in yesterday’s day of action for electoral reform.