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Council of Canadians calls Wildrose leader’s climate statements alarming

In response to statements made yesterday by Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith that, “We’ve always said the science [of climate change] isn’t settled and we need to continue to monitor the debate,” Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow issued the following statement:

“It is extremely unsettling that a person who a week from now may be the premier of Alberta still hasn’t accepted the completely unambiguous scientific consensus which proves that human activity is driving climate change. The debate on climate science has been over for many years, and the election of someone who refuses to accept this fact will be yet another major blow to Canada’s international reputation on the environment at a time when we desperately need Canada and Alberta to join with the rest of the world in taking real action to address the climate crisis. Rather than trying to reignite a false debate that has already been decisively decided by the facts, Ms. Smith and the other leaders in this election should be talking about how to make real on-the-ground changes that will reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and move the country from being a laggard to a leader on this critical international issue.”