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Council of Canadians challenges election fraud ‘cash cow’ allegations

The Council of Canadians is challenging the assertions by Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton that the election fraud case is some kind of 'cash cow' for the organization, and is calling on Canadians to continue donating to the Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund.

“The Council is supporting this case because it's about democracy, not cash cows,” said Garry Neil, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians. “The legal costs, thanks to the delaying tactics of the respondent Conservative MPs, have far outstripped fundraising. So it's a bit ridiculous for them to try to blame the Council for raising these funds, when they're the ones making it necessary.”

Current legal costs for the applicants, even though discounted by 40%, are over $560,000 and are expected to climb to $600,000 or more. Thanks to the generous support of Canadians, the Council has raised just over $300,000, and is looking to raise an additional $300,000 through its website, www.canadians.org/democracy247.

“The respondent Conservative MPs have a tremendous fundraising advantage since they are able to offer federal tax credits for any donations they receive. Neither the Council nor the applicants have any such advantage,” said Neil. “The Council of Canadians is a non-profit organization that does not have charitable status while the Conservative Party of Canada has deep pockets and can use public money for their high-priced lawyers.”