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Elizabeth May will visit Stop Alton Gas Camp

WHAT: Elizabeth May plans to visit the Treaty Truckhouse against the Alton Gas Natural Gas Storage Project on Friday, November 24 to express solidarity and to participate in a water ceremony. May is the leader of the Green Party of Canada and a long time environmental advocate. There will be an opportunity for photos and interviews.

WHEN: Friday, November 24 at 2 p.m. AT.

WHERE: Follow google maps for directions.

WHY: The Alton Gas project is a glaring example of ongoing colonization of Mi’kmaq land, water, and culture, and threatens the water and climate that we all depend on. Dozens of water protectors have been camped out at the Alton Gas gates to block the company from accessing its work site for almost six months, and are making preparations to stay throughout the fall and winter if necessary.



Dorene Bernard, water protector: (902) 758-5152
Robin Tress, Council of Canadians: (902) 223-8526

Alton Gas
Robin Tress and Angela Giles, The Council of Canadians