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European Parliament passes CETA, but this is just the beginning

Stop CETA Luxembourg

This morning, the European Parliament passed CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, one of many steps required to implement the controversial deal. The Council of Canadians, which spent years working against the deal both in the Europe and in Canada, is available for comment on this development.

“European opposition to CETA is strong, and 38 national and regional parliaments still have to ratify the deal,” said Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “Referendums, legal challenges, elections and other obstacles still stand in the way of implementation. Europeans and Canadians are legitimately concerned about how the deal will affect their local economies and democracies, and worsen inequality.”

This week the European Parliament received a petition against CETA signed by 3.5 million Europeans.


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