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Full moratorium on bottled water takings essential to protect water in Ontario, says Council of Canadians

Stop NestleThe Council of Canadians is calling on the Ontario government to implement a full moratorium on bottled water takings in order to have an effective plan to protect the right to water in the province. The Ontario government posted proposed changes to the water-taking process for a 45-day comment period on the Environmental Registry website yesterday.

"There are bare minimum first steps in the Ontario government's proposed changes for water-taking permits. Cumulative impact assessments and mandatory reductions during drought should absolutely be implemented," says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians.

"But we need more than a two-year hold on the creation or expansion of bottled water plants. The Ontario government must implement a full moratorium on bottled water takings by phasing out water-taking permits for single-use containers, including Nestlé's Aberfoyle permit. More than tentative first steps are needed to truly protect water for communities. We must work towards a bottled water-free future."

The Council is also calling for a review of the rates for other industries, public consultations on how to prioritize water uses, and provincial funding for job retraining for workers in the bottled water industry.


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