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G7 Leaders: Stop Pushing All Fossil Fuels & Invest in the Clean Energy Transition

As governments gather for the G7 Summit to discuss how to build a “strong, sustainable,
balanced and inclusive recovery,” it is critical that G7 governments put “global ambitions on
climate change and the reversal of biodiversity loss at the centre” of their plans1 and stop
financing fossil fuels.

We are at a pivotal moment in the climate emergency. The devastating local, regional, and
global impacts of climate change are already disproportionately affecting frontline communities,
Indigenous people, women, youth, social movements, workers, unions, urban movements, and
farmers in the global South. The longer action is delayed, the harder it will be to avoid the worst
climate impacts and ensure a just transition for workers, communities, and countries. At the
same time, the economic and health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, combined with the
increasing impacts of climate change, have created devastating situations for countries in the
global South.

We Can’t Afford More Fossil Fuels

The currently planned production and expansion of fossil fuels globally is not compatible with
globally agreed climate targets.2 In its May 2021 report, the International Energy Agency has
confirmed that new oil, gas, and coal projects anywhere in the world are not compatible with
limiting global warming to 1.5ºC and that governments need to urgently step up their ambition in
phasing out existing production.3 Northern countries must pay their fair share for a global
transition and move first and fastest in phasing out fossil fuels.This also means the continued
and deliberate proliferation of coal, oil, and gas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America is contrary to
scientific evidence that calls for an urgent halt to fossil fuel expansion due to debilitating impacts
on the climate, livelihoods, public health and the environment.

Gas is Dirty, Expensive, and Unnecessary for Development

G7 governments and other northern countries continue to promote reliance on gas and other
fossil fuels in the global South. G7 and other northern government financial institutions are
supporting the expansion of gas projects not just at home but overseas with huge sums of
public money. Continued investment in fossil fuels, including gas, will lock in emissions and
create stranded assets that will particularly burden developing countries into the future. Instead
of seeking loopholes to prop up dirty gas development, financial institutions — and the
governments that back them — should explicitly end all financing and support for fossil
fuels.This would in turn free up significant sums of public money to invest in building back better
from the coronavirus and increase support for developing countries.

A Just Recovery Must Alleviate Debt Burdens

The COVID-19 crisis has led to instability in oil prices, less investment, and falling government
revenues, and as a result global South debt payments have become even more unsustainable,
especially in fossil fuel producing countries. These debt payments are mounting at the same
time that countries need to expand healthcare and social protections to deal with the effects of
the pandemic. G7 governments must pursue debt cancellation to alleviate this burden.

What our governments decide now will set the course for whether we cut global carbon
emissions by 2030, stop harming communities with dirty fossil fuel projects, and keep people
whole — or fail to protect our planet and communities.

We, the 353 undersigned organizations from 58 countries, call on the leaders of G7
governments to listen and respond to the voices of global citizens calling for climate
justice, debt cancellation, and an end to fossil fuel extraction, and take the following

  • Cancel debt payments in global South countries grappling with COVID-19 and climate
  • Stop all fossil fuel finance from bilateral and multilateral funding sources, and encourage
    other governments to do the same;
  • Support mechanisms for countries in the South that will speed up a just transition, and
    discourage international trade arbitration mechanisms that protect fossil fuel investors;
  • Pay their fair share of climate finance to global South countries for climate adaptation ,
    the development of renewable energy technologies, a just transition to clean energy for
    workers, communities, and countries, and access to energy for those who currently lack
  • Put an end to fossil fuel development in your own countries, including by ending fossil
    fuel subsidies; manage the decline of existing production of oil, gas, and coal; and
    rapidly initiate a just transition to clean and safe renewable sources of energy – involving
    extensive engagement with oil, gas, and coal workers, their unions and affected

The climate crisis poses the greatest existential threat to our planet and our communities. The
IPCC has warned that we must cut global greenhouse gas emissions roughly in half by 2030 to
avert the most catastrophic impacts. Continued support for fossil fuels undermines global
climate action and puts local communities’ health at risk.

At this critical moment, we demand G7 governments demonstrate meaningful climate leadership
and stop fueling the climate crisis with continued support for fossil fuels, including fossil fuel
production and consumption in countries of the global South.

[1] G7 February Virtual Summit Commitments
[2] See Production Gap and The Sky’s Limit reports
[3] IEA: Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector


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