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Kinnie Starr supports new mining divestment campaign

Juno Award-winning producer, songwriter, and environmental activist Kinnie Starr is backing a new mining divestment campaign aimed at Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources.

The Money Thread campaign is launching a video with the prominent musician today to challenge the mining practices of the two Canadian companies in Guatemala. The two companies own four precious metal projects, mainly gold and silver.

“I’m asking for your help and consideration in trying to stop our pension funds and tax dollars from going into the destructive mining practices of Tahoe Resources and Goldcorp in Guatemala,” Starr says in the video released by The Money Thread campaign. “Current mining practices are poisoning  the water and making surrounding communities sick.”

The Money Thread campaign, launched yesterday by Projet Accompagnement Québec-Guatemala (PAQG) and the Council of Canadians, urges Quebecois and Canadians to follow the financial link connecting Canadian and Quebecois taxpayers to Guatemalan peoples affected by Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources mining projects. The initiative aims to educate and mobilize the public to divest from Canadian mining companies that are engaged in controversial projects in Guatemala. The campaign is endorsed by several other human rights, environmental and social justice groups.

“Despite the fact that community opposition has been strong and people continue to be persecuted for voicing their opinion against Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources, these mining practices continue,” says Starr. “We as Canadians are funding the destruction with our pension funds, with our tax dollars, and with our bank deposits.”

The Money Thread campaign will be organized across Canada through the campaign website themoneythread.org, and will be featured at several conferences.


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