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Romancing Harper’s EU Trade Deal will lead to Heartbreak Premier Selinger and MLA’s get Valentines Day card from Council of Canadians re: CETA!

At 11am this Valentine’s Day, local Council of Canadians activists will present an oversized card to Premier Selinger asking his government to keep Manitoba out of CETA, the controversial economic and trade agreement currently under secretive negotiation with the European Union.

The card represents a 3000-person campaign of signed postcards indicating popular support to stop Manitoba from signing on to CETA – a Harper agenda. Each MLA will receive a Valentine’s Day card with the following text:

“It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air! And here in Manitoba there's a lot to love – so far.

We love and protect our natural resources, public drinking water and wastewater services, local food and local food programs, public libraries (that are still hanging on to the public part), a wide variety of local businesses doing business locally, public services and crown corporations (that also haven't been privatized and sold off), public transit and affordable prescription drugs.

We want to keep it that way – don't you?

Please Keep Manitoba out of CETA!”

For more information or to arrange an interview with Mary McCandless, Council of Canadians Winnipeg Chapter Chair, please contact Louise May at 799-4076 or louisewillowmay@gmail.com. Mary McCandless and other CoC members will be available for interviews on the steps of the Manitoba Legislative Building February 14th from 11am to noon.

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