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Five things you can do to help ban bottled water

1. Take Action
Use the wealth of materials on our website to encourage your local schools, municipalities and other public institutions toban the sale and purchase of bottled water on their premises.

2. Raise Awareness
The bottled water industry works hard to undermine public confidence in our safe, public tap water. Host a gathering to expose the truth about bottled water and inspire your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to discuss what actions everyone can take to promote public water.

3. Choose Tap Water
Switch to non-toxic re-usable bottles you can fill at the tap for free. Refuse bottled water at restaurants and demand to be served tap water instead.

4. Demand Stricter Regulation for the Bottled Water Industry
Bottled water companies currently don’t need to identify their sources although in many cases their pricey product is nothing more than filtered tap water. Our precious water resources are being bottled up and exported in staggering amounts, yet we know little about how long our groundwater will last. Write, phone and fax the federal government to lobby for tough protections for our threatened water supplies.

5. Support the Council of Canadians and Encourage Others to Join Us
There’s strength in numbers. With your continued support and growth in our citizens’ movement, we can win a bottled water ban in all Canadian municipalities, and keep up our crucial fight for a National Water Policy that truly protects our precious water for future generations.

Download Leaflet: 5 things you can do to help ban bottled water