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(Recording) “Posing as Canadian” webinar: In conversation with Gordon Laxer

On November 24th, 2022, the Council of Canadians hosted a conversation with Gordon Laxer, about his recent study on the enormous power that Big Foreign Oil wields in Canadian politics.

In this webinar, Gordon reviewed his findings on the power and influence of foreign oil giants in blocking meaningful climate action in Canada and will highlight the current political climate in Alberta. Just as importantly, the webinar walked us through what we can do to curb that power.

Gordon is a political economist, emeritus professor at the University of Alberta, founding director of the Parkland Institute, and founding member of the Council of Canadians. His recent report – co-published by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC and Saskatchewan offices – is called “Posing as Canadian: How Big Foreign Oil captures Canadian energy and climate policy.”

In a recent National Observer article, author Natasha Bulowski states: “Canada’s most powerful oil lobby group is paying for Facebook ads urging Canadians to oppose greenhouse gas emissions limits on the oil and gas industry. Only the ads aren’t coming from the lobby group — they’re posted by a self-described “grassroots” oil and gas advocacy group.”