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Webinar Policing

(Recording) “Policing, Protest and the resurgence of the far right”

Discussion about police, protest, and the resurgence of the far right.  

The Council of Canadians has witnessed what members, supporters, and allies have experienced at the hands of the police. We have seen intimidation of LNG protesters, surveillance of environmental demonstrators, violence against Indigenous land defenders, and brutality in Black and racialized communities.  

We have long expressed that there is a double-standard of police responses to dissent, and this is not the Canada we want. To better understand this moment in Canadian history, we turn to allies and leaders in anti-racist research and organizing. 

National panel:

Barbara Perry, Researcher of right-wing extremism in Canada; Professor, Ontario Tech University
El Jones, Professor and researcher at Mount Saint Vincent University; Organizer and activist on police defunding and abolition
Sleydo’ (Molly Wickham), Land Defender, Wet’suwet’en
Erica Ifill, Ottawa-based economist, columnist,

Anne Lagacé Dowson is a Montreal broadcaster and commentator, and former CBC and BellMedia host. She worked for over 20 years for CBC and Radio-Canada, in Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto as a reporter, researcher, producer, director and host. She has an MA in History and Women’s Studies.