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Council of Canadians co-sponsors Jumbotron outside TPP ‘consultation’ in Vancouver

The Council of Canadians is partnering with OpenMedia and other groups to sponsor a 16-foot tall Jumbotron outside a ‘consultation’ on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

A House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade media release notes, “[The committee has] decided to conduct a study on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The Committee’s primary objective is to assess the extent to which the agreement, if implemented, would be in the best interests of Canadians. The study will result in a report to be presented in the House of Commons.”

The ten-person committee is chaired by Liberal MP Mark Eyking and is comprised of six Liberals, three Conservatives and one New Democrat.

The committee will be in Vancouver on April 18 – and the Jumbotron will be placed outside where they will be meeting.

In a Facebook post, OpenMedia says, “Submit your comments, images, graphics, memes, videos (you name it!) to us by April 14th (AM) and we will display the best ones on a 16’x 9′ screen outside the committee hearings on April 18th.” To add your comment, please go to their Facebook post here.

The Council of Canadians does not believe that the TPP “would be in the best interests of Canadians”, Indigenous peoples or residents of the eleven other signatory countries.

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For more on our campaign to stop the TPP, which includes numerous chapter actions across the country, please click here.