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The Council of Canadians seeks to inform, connect and engage

The Council of Canadians believes if we help to build an informed, connected, and engaged movement, we can hold in check corporate agendas and create the social and political change we need.

What do we do?


1- provide updates and analysis in daily campaign blogs

2- produce timely reports to deepen awareness and understanding of the issues

3- develop fact sheets and handimation videos to build popular awareness

4- provide expertise on issues within our core campaign areas

5- offer clear alternatives and positive solutions


6- provide timely interventions in the media (media releases, op-eds) and in public venues (deputations, presentations)

7- amplify campaign demands and analysis via social media


8- provide opportunities to take action via online action alerts

9- offer the means to participate in grassroots action ‎via our chapters

10- ‎organize mobilizing tours and days of action

11- ‎express solidarity with First Nations, Indigenous allies, local communities to help to amplify the message of our shared struggles

12- support and participate in direct action

For more, please see Our vision, history and current campaigns, Ten positive alternatives The Council of Canadians promotes and Join a Council of Canadians chapter, evidence shows protests makes a difference.

Join us by making a donation and/or by participating in a chapter!