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A message of solidarity to Norway

A message of solidarity sent to allies in Norway:

On behalf of the board, staff and members of the Council of Canadians, I send my deepest condolences to you all in this terrible time of grief and shock. The whole world is watching in profound sadness and we here in Canada cannot strongly enough express our sorrow and solidarity with you today.

The forces of bigotry, hate and exclusion are alas with us everywhere and have manifested themselves in the worst possible manner in your country, against your idealistic and caring youth. However these forces will not prevail as long as we keep a clear vision of justice in our heads and hearts and work together to seek a  future based on justice, diversity, equity and reverence for the rights of the earth.

We send love and solidarity to you from the progressive movement in Canada and look forward to working together to build this world we know is possible.

Maude Barlow