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NEWS: Comox Valley chapter marks World Water Day

The Comox Valley Echo reports, “Dan Vie and his four-year-old daughter Ruby were among those comparing and contrasting the taste of nine different potable waters provided by different Comox Valley public water suppliers last week. The sampling booth had been set up in front of Courtenay Courthouse by the Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition in partnership with the Council of Canadians to mark World Water Day.”

“The two groups wanted to raise awareness that there are several water suppliers in the Valley, and not just the one drawing on Comox Lake that serves the majority of homes and businesses. They stressed they were not suggesting one local water was better than another, but wanted to demonstrate that different treatment processes and different sources did produce different tastes. They also used the opportunity to call for the establishment of a national water policy and stimulate discussion on issues such as bulk water exports and the potential privatization of public supplies.”

The Postmedia News article can be read at http://www.canada.com/Compare+taste/4524248/story.html.