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“Stop the TPP!” Community Festival held at Minister Freeland’s Town Hall

On June 15th, Council of Canadians activists from Peterborough, Guelph, South Niagara and the Toronto chapters joined hundreds gathered outside the University of Toronto for a “Stop the TPP” community festival. The festival immediately preceded a town hall on the controversial trade deal held by Canada’s International Trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland. 

The community gathering featured carnival games, varied speakers, and performers, allowing participants to learn more about the varied impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and to send a clear message that we are united in our opposition to it! 

After the festival, hundreds entered Minister Freeland’s town hall to hear from panelists and share their perspectives on the TPP. 

Thanks to the contributions of many Council of Canadian supporters, we were able to collaborate with OpenMedia and UNIFOR to crowdfund a jumbotruck to join the festivities. It circulated the area and shared messages submitted by hundreds of people across the country as to why they oppose the TPP with everyone entering and exiting the minister’s Town Hall. 

For more on our campaign to stop the TPP, please click here

More photos from the Stop the TPP Community Festival: 

A giant Trojan Horse was used to symbolize all of the dangerous provisions that may become law under the guise of the TPP.  

With a spin of a carnival wheel, community members found out why the TPP is a terrible gamble!

Face paint allowed participants entering the Town Hall to share their views on the TPP 


Moyo Rainos Mutamba performed for the crowd, linking war and imperialism to the TPP and other similar trade deals.  



More photos are available here.