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UPDATE: Democracy Center releases report on investment rules

The Democracy Center has issued a new paper titled, ‘Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar: How Corporations use Global Investment Rules to Undermine A Sustainable Future‘. They note that, “(It) sheds an urgent public light on the system of international investment rules and arbitration tribunals that is being used by corporations to undermine citizen and government action on a range of urgent social and environmental issues. …(The paper looks) at how the international investment rules system is being used to punish El Salvador for blocking poisonous gold mining, against Germany for stopping nuclear power, …to attack public health regulations for the tobacco industry in Uruguay, (and) government ability to regulate fracking.”

The Democracy Center is a wonderful organization and as many will remember it helped fight and beat Bechtel when that company used the World Bank’s investment dispute tribunal to sue Bolivia for $50 million (off a $1 million investment) after the Cochabamba Water Revolt.

The 24-page report can be read here.

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