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WIN! Millbrook, Ontario water diversion defeated

On September 7, 2009, we noted in a campaign blog that, “A letter to the editor in the Northumberland News by Jane Zednik of Campbellcroft, Ontario states that, ‘(A) proposed water diversion from Millbrook (via a 12 kilometre pipeline) will service not only Kawartha Downs (in the area known as Fraserville), but a casino expansion, an entertainment complex, hundreds of residential units, a golf course, hotel, recreation centre, community centre, big box stores, industrial enterprises – and on and on – a ‘complete community’, according to the Official Plan.’ …Many Millbrook and area residents oppose having their water diverted to a community miles away. If you want to register your objections, there is an online petition at www.speakoutcavanmonaghan.ca or www.socm.ca.”

The Peterborough Examiner reports today that, “On Tuesday, that plan was dealt its death blow in a 3-2 vote by township council. ‘This is the end of a long journey,’ said Jane Zednik…”

Councillor Jim Chaplin said, “I spoke to engineers, hydrologists, people who know more than I ever will, and what I learned was that yes, we could divert water to Fraserville — but at what cost to the community as a whole? This affects more than just the drinking water in Millbrook. If the water table were to drop from six metres above ground to two metres below ground, you would see an effect on the artesian wells in Millbrook; these wells feed streams that feed Baxter Creek. If they were to drop, the temperatures in the creek would rise, and that would affect the trout. So it goes beyond drinking water.”

The Council of Canadians supported the community efforts against this water diversion.

The Peterborough Examiner reported in October 2009 that, “Presenters at a meeting of people opposed to a proposed water diversion project in Cavan Monaghan Township warned about the possible environmental and financial outcomes of the proposed project. …About 200 people attended Tuesday night’s meeting (including Council of Canadians activist Roy Brady)… The presenters encouraged everyone to write to local and provincial politicians with their questions and comments about the project.”

As one of their World Water Day events this year, the Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter also joined the Millbrook ‘It’s About Water’ human chain on March 27.

The ‘victory’ letter from the key organizers in this fight gives thanks to the many individuals and groups involved in this campaign and gives ‘special recognition’ to “Council of Canadians: Catherine Kaye, Roy Brady and Mark Calzavara. For all of the support, meetings, inclusion in Council of Canadians newsletters and agendas right up to the letter of support from Maude Barlow.”

Our campaign blogs on the now-defeated Millbrook water diversion are at http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=1774, http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=2042 and http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=2725.

The Peterborough Examiner article is at http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2697280.

Congratulations to all those who defeated the Millbrook water diversion. For more information, go to the ‘Speak Out Cavan Monaghan’ website at http://www.socm.ca.