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WIN! Northampton, Massachusetts a blue community!

Northampton, Massachusetts is now a blue community!

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports, “The city became the first so-called blue community in the U.S. when City Council passed a resolution to that effect on [June 1].”

The article adds, “The framework for the blue community movement, which seeks to protect public water and minimize use of single-use plastic water bottles, comes from Canada. Northampton resident and University of Massachusetts marketing professor Bill Diamond stumbled upon the initiative in his research about plastic water bottles, and decided it was a good fit for the city.”

And it notes, “City Council President Bill Dwight, among those to unanimously approve the measure, said it’s a first step toward changing the way we think about bottled water.”

Northampton is a city of just over 28,000 people and is situated 170 kilometres west of Boston.

Congratulations to everyone who helped to get this resolution passed!

For more on our blue community campaign, please click here.

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