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NEWS: Will we see fracking 40-km south-east of Ottawa?

The municipal township of Russell is located about 40 kilometres south-east of Ottawa.

CBC reports, “An eastern Ontario municipality full of black shale rocks has the province researching if there could be any natural gas underneath. The mayor of Russell, Ont., said he wants to see if there’s enough of the gas to interest energy companies. As the CBC’s Ashley Burke reports in the above video, residents are split on the idea of fracking happening in their community.”

The news-report video can be seen here. In the report, it is noted that the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines is studying the geology and is researching black shale that contains natural gas in the area. If there is, the mayor is interesting in attracting energy companies to exploit the resource. The story concludes with the line, “The study is still underway. Currently, the Ministry of Natural Resources has not received any proposals from companies to explore shale gas in Ontario.”

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